M/V Harefield - Repair of Simlex rudderstock

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This repair included:

  • Measurement of rudder stock dimensions and of rudder stock misalignment.
  • Full MP inspection of rudder stock.
  • Full ultrasonic inspection of rudder stock.
  • Test of tiller onto rudder stock for measuring of position.
  • Manufacture of new upper end of rudder stock in S355J2G3 material with 3.2 certificate.
  • Preheating and welding of upper and lower parts together according to WPS-X370 1.2.
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment of welds and stress relieve according to ClassNK rules.
  • Straightening of rudder stock after welding and post weld heat treatment.
  • Machining of upper end and over lay of welds on rudder stock to final dimensions.
  • Fitting of rudder stock cone with Tiller.
  • Manufacture of stainless steel liner for rudder stock.
  • Milling of keyway in rudder stock upper cone in aft position according to original drawing.
  • Painting of rudder stock for corrosion protection.
  • Milling of new keyway in correct position.
  • Manufacture of new hardened plates for tiller forks.
  • Manufacture of key for tiller in C45 material.
  • Manufacture of 6 pcs. Rudder bolts in S355J2G3 material with 3.2 certificate.

Final inspection and permanent approval of the repaiur by ClassNK.