Advanced 3D scanning technology for the maritime industry

At MarineShaft, we specialize in 3D scanning.

We offer you reliable 3D scanning for reverse engineering tasks and object measurement.

With our high-quality portable 3D laser scanning equipment, we can acquire precise and dependable data for the decision-making processes in a very short time. Our handheld 3D scanner can accurately measure up to a radius of 4 meters and for larger objects/surfaces we augment our 3D scanner with photogrammetry equipment. 

3D scanning advantages:

  • Accurate and detailed data 

  • Huge cost and timesaving solution

  • Ensuring the best decision-making

With 3D scanning, we can measure components/objects on-site and in many cases, shipping heavy equipment for in-house measurements is unnecessary. Saving time and money and reducing the CO2 emissions of transporting heavy equipment. 

Our engineers are well-trained and know how to use and process the data. They work committed and are ready to take off with short notice to any job and location worldwide.

How can we assist you with 3D scanning?

•                           3D scanning/measurement of a fixed propeller
                            ( blade cone, blade angles, straightness, etc. and without dismantling the propeller)

•                           3D scanning of propeller blades
                             (  blade angle, straightness or the entire blade for casting of a new blade)

•                           3D scanning of propeller shaft cone
                             (Measurement of cone dimension to machine the propeller shaft cone accordinly)

•                           3D scanning of rudder blade cone
                            (Measurement of cone dimension to determine the machining of the cone on the rudder stock.)

•                           3D scanning of crane foundations

•                           3D scanning of a Gearbox (disassembled)

•                           3D scanning of an Intermediate shaft bearing (disassembled)

•                           and so much more


Case study below:

We used 3D scanning equipment to determine the cone's conicity and dimensions to be used for further decision-making regarding the machining, positioning, and fitting of the rudder stock, tiller, and rudder blade cone. This job took place in China.