Propeller shaft repair and reconditioning

A propeller shaft often gets damaged, when the shaft line arrangement suffers failures. Damages also occur during shaft redrawal or when removing the couplings etc.

MarineShaft can repair any type of damages on shafts

No matter what caused the damage, we have the knowhow and workshop equipment to fix your shaft problem.

  • Is your propeller shaft, tail shaft or intermediate shaft bent?
  • Is your shaft suffering from wear?
  • Does your shaft have marks and scratches on surfaces, flange, journal bearing areas etc?
  • Does your shaft need a new liner?
  • Does your shaft need coating/rust protection?
  • Does your coupling need repair or replacement?
  • Etc.

Let us assist you

Before repair we carry out an initial inspection of the shaft in association with the involved class society and before returning we carry out a final run-out control and inspection of the shaft. 

We are ready to assist you with a repair solution. If you also need on-site services such as supervising, shaft alignment services, re-installation of shaft line or other in-situ machining we also provide these services.


Before and after repair of a propeller shaft including renewal of a 3 meter long bronze liner. 


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