Damage to the intermediate shaft due to bearing failure

- Is what caused the damages to the intermediate shaft belonging to ferry M/F Hardingen. 
MarineShaft received the shaft from “Slipen Mekaniske Verksted” in Norway, where the ferry M/F Hardingen was built in 1993. MarineShaft has in the past cooperated with this shipyard on several occasions and been trusted with urgent repairs.

Once the intermediate shaft arrived at our workshop, we immediately dismantled the coupling and inspected the extent of the damages. Measurements unveiled deflection, and we needed to cold straighten the shaft. Before and after cold straightening, we always carry out a LPI test to clarify whether the shaft has any cracks. 
Surface areas of the intermediate shaft were damaged and needed to be restored. MarineShaft have 
class-approval to weld on running shafts using our laser cladding welding equipment.

With a minimal heat input, we can restore/rebuild surfaces to their original size, leaving no heat and stress to the surrounding areas. 
First, we machined the damaged areas to prepare for laser cladding completed with a PLI test. Hence the laser cladding was carried out. We applied 2 layers of the Inconel 625. Each layer is 0.8 mm.
The shaft was put into a lathe for final polishing of the laser cladded transitions, and of course another PLI test and control after laser cladding was carried out.

Our Norwegian customer asked us to arrange transport and take care of export documents and customs clearance. A service we can provide our worldwide customers.
Håvard Meyer, engineer and project manager at Slipen Mekaniske, said the following kind words to us: Bravo, we thank you for your fast and consistently good service. 

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