Reconditioning of rudder stocks

MarineShaft specialize in repair of damaged rudder stocks. We have the workshop machining facilities to repair rudder stocks of all sizes and with short delivery time. No matter if you need a repair of the rudder stock alone or the complete rudder arrangment we have the reconditioning expertise.  

Why replace if repairable?

We have the experience to solve your rudder stock problem

We have repaired all types of damages on rudder stock and our repair techniques are fully class-approved. MarineShaft has the class approved welding certificates to start a repair immediately. This is an important factor when time matters. All repairs of a rudder stock includes an inspection and NDT test upon arrival in our workshop. As we keep a large stock of stainless steel and bronze material for manufacturing of a new sleeve, bushing etc. we can reduce the repair time significant. 

  • If the rudder stock is bent we can cold straighten the rudder stock with class approval.
  • If the rudder stock is suffering from corrosion problems or others we can weld up the rudder stock using MAG-welding or other welding types 
  • If the rudder stock needs a new flange we can manufacture  and replace      
  • If the rudder stock needs a new sleeve we can manufacture and replace
  • if the rudder stock needs coating / rust protection we have the experience


Before and after repair of a damaged rudder stock.


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