We carry out all types of repair within: Engine, gear, coupling, OD BOX etc

Engine work

We carry out all types of engine work, including total repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation of engines.

Reconditioning of engine parts

We have the equipment and the facilities for reconditioning/machining engine parts, including repair of cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, cylinder liners, pumps, fuel nozzles, radiators, thermostats, and valves, just to mention a few. 


Service & repair of gear

We renovate all types of gears and couplings. Including renovation of bearing housing, gears, all types of switches, laser alignment of the gear etc.

Authorized REINTJES Service Department

MarineShaft A/S has been appointed to be the sole service department  of REINTJES marine gearboxes in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. MarineShaft cooperates with Bech Engineering A/S, who is the only authorized provider of the complete range of spare parts for REINTJES gearboxes in the same region.