Qualified to keep you Moving!

MarineShaft has the approval from all the leading classification societies for carrying out cold straightening of propeller shafts and rudder stocks. Cold straightening is fully approved and is considered to be a permanent repair without recommendation.

All work is done in close co-operation with the classification societies, and a certificate is issued on each individual repair.

Moving through time

Cold straightening of propeller shafts and rudder stocks is a special technique that was developed more than 40 years ago. The technique has been completely tested and improved over the years, and is fully approved by all the leading classification societies. In 1972 Bureau Veritas in Paris was the first classification society to approve the method. Hereafter followed all the other major classification societies.

Our workforce is our main asset

Our employees have many years of experience. A lot of our employees have been in the business for more than 20, 30 and 40 years. Our workforce is our main asset, and we have the experience to make the right decisions quickly. One of our strengths is our short decision paths that make us able to act immediately. The picture below shows one of our managing directors - Knud Andersen being tought the cold straightening technique by his father.

Class-approved repairs for more than 50 years