MSC Loretta

Repair of the 150-ton rudder arrangement from the container vessel "MSC Loretta

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Due to growding the container vessel MSC Loretta suffered major damage to the rudder and the rudderstock. Engine Deck Repair handled the unscheduled dry-docking and repair. Dealing with a damage of this extent requires coordination and planning. The rudder measured 95 m2 and weighted 120 tons. Engine Deck Repair asked MarineShaft to carry out the repair.

The 23-ton rudderstock, measuring Ø720 x 6840 mm, was twisted 16 °. We sent supervisors to Antwerp, who assisted in the disassembling and removal of the rudderstock from the rudder. We carried out laser alignment of the bearing lines and rudder cones. The rudderstock was sent by truck to our workshop in Hirtshals, Denmark where it was straightened with our unique cold-straightening technique.

In Hirtshals the repair also included welding, heat treatment and machining of the rudderstock. The repair was fully approved by DNV-GL.

On-site followed a lot of work. Several of our skilled certified welders have traveled to Antwerp. Welding of lower rudder cone was carried out together with heat treatment. Subsequently machining work was put in progress - a process that took place with our custom-designed mobile equipment for machining of cones.