A repair of a Gearbox Servo piston carried out by MarineShaft was a HUGE TIME SAVER for the Russian fishing vessel owner

MarineShaft has recently solved a repair case for the Russian fishing vessel LLV Kaprodon.

A repair that meant a significant shorter delivery time, and which in the end saved the shipping company from Arkhangelsk a lot of money.

MarineShaft was contacted by the shipping company when the fishing vessel LLV Kaprodon was in dock for repair at a Norwegian shipyard.

The gearbox type Alpha Diesel 44KV13, was disassembled at the Norwegian shipyard. An inspection of the servo piston revealed severe wear and damages to the bearing journal of the servo piston and other surface damages.  First thought called for a renewal.

A long delivery time of almost 4 months for a new servo piston was distressing news, and made the fishing company look for alternatives.


MarineShaft came up with a repair plan to repair servo piston using a gentle welding method –  laser cladding.

MarineShaft received the servo piston at the workshop in Denmark

The repair included disassembly, measurement and testing of hardness, skimming of white metal in the bearing, machining of the damaged areas before and after laser cladding. NDT test performed by 3rd party.

Furthermore, the servo piston was cold straightened and an LPI test to follow.


The cost of this repair was less than the price of purchasing a new servo piston and the repair time speaks for itself:

After only 3 working days, MarineShaft returned the servo piston as good as new and with the full class-approval by RMRS.