M/V Cardiff - Manufacturing of a new rudder stock in 8 days

The container ship had experienced problems with her steering gear and an inspection showed that the rudder stock was damaged, and manufacturing of a new rudder stock was the best solution.
M/V Cardiff Trader was in dock in China. 

We had the raw material in our stock ready to be taken into our workshop for machining, and we were able to manufacture a new rudder stock Ø510 x 6385 mm in C45 material with 3.2 LRS certificate – including shrunk on bronze sleeve Ø540/510 x 510 mm in only 8 days.

We repair and replace rudder stocks and propeller shafts for vessels situated all over the world. It is of high priority that we can provide our customers a fast, safe and reliable logistic/transport solution.  

We sent the rudder stock for M/V Cardiff Trader by aircraft to China, and as you can see from the picture, we made sure it got to the vessel in perfect condition.

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