M/V NEA TYHI – Manufacturing of a new rudder stock followed by on-site machining and final fitting

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MarineShaft in cooperation with Seadock Marine, recently manufactured 1 piece of rudder stock Ø520/7136 mm with stainless steel sleeve for the bulk carrier M/V NEA TYHI while in dry dock in Singapore. 

The project was carried out at short notice, the rudder stock was manufactured in Denmark and transported to Singapore.
In order to expedite the installation and completion of the project, the rudder stock lower taper was machined oversize. 
Thereafter on-site work continued as 2 MarineShaft engineers with specialist tools travelled to Singapore to carry out in situ machining of the rudder cone to fit the new rudder stock oversized dimension and complete blue-fit. 
The repair was approved by a Class NK Surveyor and to the full satisfaction of vessel managers and completed within 4 weeks.