MV Nissos Chios - coldstraightening of propeller shaft

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22.3 meter long propeller shaft crossed Europe

When the Greek owned ferry Nissos Chios grounded going into harbor along the Greek coast the propeller equipment suffered damage and special help was needed.
Hellenic Seaways, the owner of Nissos Chios, contacted MarineShaft in Denmark, who is specialized in class approved cold-straightening of propeller shafts and rudder stocks. It was agreed that a MarineShaft technical supervisor should rush to the shipyard in Syros for inspection of the damage. After inspection it was clear that a bend of approx. 10 mm around flange area needed straightening.

Transporting a 22.3 meter long shaft from Greece to Northern Denmark needed a special truck that was arranged by Hellenic Seaways.  The propeller shaft arrived in MarineShaft´s workshop and was immediately taken under experienced hands.  The straightening of a bend shaft around flange area needs special tools  that MarineShaft has developed. A unique cold straightening technique was carried out along machining of flange and 7 days later the propeller shaft was classed by RINA as a permanent repair without any recommendations.