MSC Loretta - onsite machining and fitting of the rudder stock

MarineShaft carried out a complete repair for the container vessel MSC Loretta after an unfortunate grounding.

The vessel went to dock at Engine Deck Repair. The rudder was weighing 120 tons.

In our workshop in Denmark, we repaired and cold straightened the 23-ton heavy rudder stock measuring Ø720x6840 mm.

MarineShaft can provide a complete repair solution and for MSC Loretta we send a team of skilled certified welders to Antwerp.
Here we welded up the lower rudder cone followed by heat treatment. Subsequently, machining work was put in progress - a process that took place with our custom-designed mobile equipment for the machining of cones.

We received a thank you letter from Capt. Antonino De Maio. You can read his words here.