April 2021

Manufacturing of a new propeller shaft in 10 days

This job took place during the Easter holidays of 2021.

We manufactured a new propeller shaft for the general cargo vessel M/V Oslo Bulk 8 during her docking in Turkey with an urgent request.

The old shaft was not repairable.

MarineShaft sent a service engineer on-site to measure the old shaft.

Based on these measurements, we could make a new drawing to manufacture a new propeller shaft. The drawing was reviewed and approved by the involved classification society, who also participated in identifying the material.

The shaft dimension was Ø860/300 x 5005 mm.

We had the raw material in stock and could put the shaft in our lathe for machining the moment all preparations were approved by the classification society.

The existing coupling was polished and blue fitted to the new shaft cone.

The new propeller shaft was securely packed for air freight and returned to the vessel, and
we took care of all the logistics for our client.