Paglia Orba - spring 2021 repair

Cold straightening and repair of:
1 Intermediate shaft - dimension Ø390 x 7450 mm
1 propeller shaft - dimension Ø1058/421 x 18875 mm including twin tube
The ferry Paglia Orba from the Corsica Linea SAS had an unfortunate incident in January 2021 while entering Bastia port. The damages forced the ferry to be taken off service and into drydocking at CMR Tunisia Ship Repairs.
The damage to the propeller shaft was evident and severe. The intermediate shaft was also bent. 
The almost 19-meter long propeller shaft had a deflection of 7.7 degrees -  almost 250 mm out of centerline at the worst area.
Extensive none destructive tests were carried out by 3rd party and supervised by Bureau Veritas surveyor, who was the involved classification society

The propeller shaft bearing journals were repaired by laser cladding. (read more about our repair possibilities with laser cladding here)
After the cold straightening, repair, and assembling, we carried out a pressure test of the twin tube, which was witnessed by the maker Kongsberg.

Bruno Rogier – superintendent from Corsica Linea SAS, wrote the following to us:

The job done by the MARINESHAFT team is amazing. I was really impressed by your knowledge, technicity, and trust to restore the shaft. Lot of skeptic’s persons told me you are wrong by attempting to repair instead of manufacturing a new one. I am now happy to prove them different.

MarineShaft wants to thank Corsica Lines SAS for trusting us with this repair and working with you and your superintendent Bruno Rogier has been a great pleasure.
We thank CMR Tunisia Ship Repairs for a perfect collaboration putting Paglia Orba back in service asap. And we thank Bureau Veritas Denmark for another excellent co-operation and your skilled surveyors involved in this case.

We are proud to have repaired these 2 shafts that are proof of the viability of our unique cold straightening method.

We use our hydraulic press to straighten shafts. Read more about cold straightening here.

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