The Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel Putford Ajax got a new starboard and portside tail shaft

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During a planned docking, it came clear to the Owners of the Emergency Response and Rescue vessel  “Putford Ajax”  that both starboard and portside tail shafts would benefit from being replaced , as opposed to attempting costly repairs.
MarineShaft were contacted and we received the propeller equipment in our workshop once shipped from the UK. We had the class-approved raw material in stock and we could provide a short delivery time.
The tail shafts measured Ø243 mm with a length of 7470 mm with two stainless-steel liners. We also manufactured the new liners shrunk-on fitted to the tail shaft. 
The cones of the new shafts were fitted to the existing coupling its fixed propeller and tested with toolmakers blue. 

For water and rust protection, we applied PHILLYCLAD between the liners. 

Classification society Lloyds Register did a final review and approval before the shafts were good to go.

This manufacturing took 2 weeks

Engineering superintendent Mr. Andy Rice from Boston Putford Offshore Safety Limited paid us this recognition after receiving the replacement propeller shafts and equipment back in the UK.
All received with thanks. May I also take this opportunity on behalf of Boston Putford Offshore Safety Limited to thank you and your team for the excellent service you have provided and the time frame you provided it in.