Urgent repair of intermediate shaft bearing in only 8 days!

MarineShaft assisted a chemical tanker when a bearing failure occurred. The vessel lay at anchorage of Skagen. Two of our technicians got onboard whilst at anchorage off Skagen to dismantle and remove the damaged intermediate shaft bearing, that was sent to our workshop. 



  • In-house the re-metaling of white metal in the split intermediate shaft bearing could begin.
  •  Cleaning, inspection, and measurements of the bearing shells.
  •  Cleaning and machining of the bearing shells as preparation for soldering.
  •  Tinning of bearing shells as preparation for soldering with white metal.
  •  Soldering of the bearing shells with white metal, WM81.
  •  Machining of the bearing shells according to the original drawing.
  •  Control measurements of the bearing.

Once the in-house repair was completed, we transported the bearing back to the vessel and our in-situ work began:

  • Refit of the intermediate shaft bearing?
  • Load-test/Jack-up test of the intermediate shaft after installation
  • Attending and supervising during the vessels sea trial

We attended a successful sea trial, and our repair was fully class-approved by the Class Society ABS
This entire job (from disassembling to installation and final sea trial) was carried out in only 8 days!