Superyacht S/Y Piropo - cold straightening of bend shafts

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MarineShaft cold straightened the propeller shafts belonging to the beautiful 56-meter-long Italian-built superyacht S/Y Piropo.

The superyacht was in dock at Zancle 757 Yacht Village in Messina, Sicily, for a class-connected call.

The shipyard conducted a run-out test of the two propeller shafts, revealing minor deflection. Subsequently, they contacted MarineShaft for a quotation for the cold straightening of the two stainless steel propeller shafts Ø146 x 7025 mm. MarineShaft received the order, and the shipyard arranged to transport the two shafts to our workshop facilities in Hirtshals.

Once the shafts arrived at our workshop, MarineShaft inspected, measured deflections, and carried out NDT test. The involved classification society, Rina approved our repair procedure and work scope.

The job was carried out with no delay and with very rapid and effective response to the customer.

Director Rocco Finocchiaro and Technical Chief Gaetano De Salvo visited MarineShaft in connection with this repair.

This is our first repair job for Shipyard Zancle 757 Yacht Village. We are happy to have established a good relationship and hope to assist the shipyard with future repair jobs.